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xtCommerce: Versionshistorie / Change log

V 6.0.1 (20-04-2023)

  • Implement support for new giropay.
  • Changed all occurrences of the company name to SPS.
  • Fixed problem with iDEAL payment
  • Changed the iDEAL, sofort, direcdebit and paydirekt logos.
  • Added fields for 3-D Secure 2.0 in creditcard payment
  • Added Bluecode and Maestro payments
  • Added SDK version 2.3.12

V 5.0.8 (14-08-2019)

  • For giropay, eps, iDEAL and direct debit, removed the Javascript widget and the field(s) for entering the BIC and/or IBAN. All transactions will now be initialized without BIC/IBAN so the external form service is used. Entering the bank data within the plugin is not supported anymore.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused the shopping cart not to be emptied after successful payment.
  • Improved readme file.
  • Some further internal optimizations.

V 5.0.7 (08-07-2019)

  • Fixed problem where 2 entries for IPN were made for an order after payment.
  • Removed giropay and eps fields for BIC in the checkout, BICs are now entered on payment provider side.

V 5.0.6 (31-05-2017)

  • Fix problem with payment methods template in front-end in Shop version 5.
  • Do changes in template to load the correct HTML code for Shop version 4 and 5.
  • Added SDK 2.1.11.

V 5.0.5 (17-02-2017)

  • Fixed problem of image URLs when installation is in subdirectory

V 5.0.4 (10-02-2017)

  • Fixed problem in installation when payment methods are not shown outside Germany.
  • Made plugin compatible with PHP 5.2 (by using better SDK version 2.1.6).
  • Fixed redirect, so that it also works if notify doesn't come through.

V 5.0.3 (19-12-2016)

  • Fixed problem in paydirekt payment method: the shipping amount wasn't correct when coupons were used.
  • Adding order field in backend payment methods and showing the payments ordered in frontend.

V 5.0.2 (02-09-2016)

  • Fixed error in GiroCheckout_SDK_SofortUwTransaction.php.
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