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Shopware: Versionshistorie / Change log

Shopware 6

The Shopware 6 plugin is a completely separate product from the previous version and is NOT compatible with Shopware 4 or 5. You also cannot upgrade directly from the Shopware 5 plugin to the Shopware 6 plugin.

Also please be aware that there are 5 different plugins that are not compatible to one another and are aimed at certain Shopware versions:

  • Shopware 6.5 and up (Plugin 4.1.1 and newer, make sure to always use newest)
  • Shopware 6.4.x (Plugin 4.0.9 - 4.1.0.x, make sure to always use newest)
  • Shopware 6.2 to 6.3 (Plugin 4.0.8)
  • Shopware 5.3 to 5.7 (Plugin 3.3.x)
  • Shopware 4.0.4 to 5.2 (Plugin 2.7.3)

Find installation instructions here:

V 4.1.4 (12-09-2023)

  • Internal bugfix that threw exception on transaction init.

V 4.1.3 (14-08-2023)

  • Updated internal SDK for connection to Girocheckout API for compatibility with some API changes.

V 4.1.1 (28-06-2023)

  • Made plugin compatible with Shopware 6.5. CAUTION: This plugin is NOT compatible with previous versions!

V (19-07-2023) and (26-07-2023), CAREFUL! Don't confuse with 4.1.1!

  • Fixed problem with hash mismatch and customerId on giropay payments for Shopware 6.4.

V 4.1.0 (26-04-2023)

  • Fixed problem that caused incompatibility with other payment plugins.

V 4.0.16 (28-09-2022)

  • Fixed problem with locales (languages) not being correctly passed to payment forms.

V 4.0.15 (30-03-2022)

  • Fixed problem with migrations in plugin installation for Shopware 6.4.8 or newer.

V 4.0.14 (10-03-2022)

  • Fixed problem in plugin installation for Shopware 6.4.8.
  • Important: This plugin (and newer ones) does not work with Shopware < 6.4.

V 4.0.13 (08-02-2022)

  • Restored compatibility with latest Shopware version.

V 4.0.12 (02-09-2021)

  • Fixed update problem for latest version.

V 4.0.11 (01-09-2021)

  • Fixed compatibility problem with SW 6.4

V 4.0.10 (14-06-2021)

  • Fixed another problem in update and installation procedure.

V 4.0.9 (08-06-2021)

  • Fixed bug in update procedure.

V 4.0.8 (26-05-2021)

  • Replaced paydirekt logo and name with new giropay/paydirekt logo and name.
  • Fix in update procedure that will prevent failure if database field exists.

V 4.0.7 (12-05-2021)

  • Fix regarding custom fields that could cause problems for opening orders in the backend.
  • Changed paydirekt logo and name
  • Changed Girosolution corporate info to S-Public Services

V 4.0.6 (18-03-2021)

  • Bugfix regarding failed Direct Debit calls. Now the user is redirected to an error page with the error message. (Hash mismatch or wrong api configurations). Added for all payment methods (ch3443).
  • Bugfix in plugin uninstallation. The folders with the files and logos are now removed in the uninstall routine (ch3406).
  • Fixed redirect problem when cancelling a payment on certain Shopware versions. Now users who have a version greater than or equal to are redirected to a default error page that indicates how to resume the order, and users with prior versions are redirected to a custom error page with a button to resume order or continue shopping (ch3387)
  • Fix in handling of data for 3-D Secure 2.0 where some information was not correctly submitted.

V 4.0.5 (10-02-2021)

  • Fix in redirect handling in error case.

V 4.0.4 (04-02-2021)

  • Initial release for this shop version.

Shopware 5

When updating from a plugin release prior to 3.2.0, you must uninstall the previous release before installing the new one, because of changes in the internal folder structure!

V (08-08-2023)

  • Updated internal SDK for connection to Girocheckout API for compatibility with some API changes. This is a required update.

V (13-07-2023)

  • Fixed bug that caused hash error in giropay payments.

V 3.3.9 (18-05-2023)

  • Implemented support for the new giropay.
  • Updated the iDEAL logo.

V 3.3.8 (01-07-2021)

  • Fixed a compatibility issue related to locale handling that prevented installation and use of the plugin in Shopware 5.7.1 and later.

V 3.3.7 (26-05-2021)

  • Replaced paydirekt logo and name with new giropay/paydirekt logo and name.
  • Changed source comments from GiroSolution to S-Public Services.

V 3.3.6 (07-05-2021)

  • Fixed a bug regarding the email logging system where emails were logged twice.

V 3.3.5 (18-01-2021)

  • Fixed problem regarding the net field in the orders table that caused trouble for sales without tax.
  • Added support for 3-D Secure 2.0. Address data is now sent to payment server for credit card payments, so it is not requested upon credit card data entry.

V 3.3.4 (06-08-2020)

  • Fix to update routine: Make sure all payment methods are added. Bluecode had not been fully available after an update.

V 3.3.3 (05-08-2020)

  • Implemented new payment method Bluecode
  • Order confirmation emails are now being stored in the email log for Shopware 5.6 or newer

V 3.3.2 (07-07-2020)

  • Further Javascript fix for refund handling in backend.

V 3.3.1 (10-06-2020)

  • Fixed a problem where the refund feature interfered with the handling of orders created with older plugin versions.

V 3.3.0 (22-04-2020)

  • Fixed a problem with the integrated refund option where the option was activated for all orders in some cases.
  • Fixed a problem with order export via API, where some irrelevant data may have been added to the JSON file.

Improved error handling.

V 3.2.9 (23-03-2020)

  • Fixed some problems with the integrated refund option. This will now only be available for GiroCheckout payment options.
  • Also, refund may now be removed from a user's privileges: To prevent any user from doing refunds, a new user role is necessary, This can be done by clicking in Configuration → User Configuration, adding a new role and assigning the default privileges in the Resourses & permissions tab for that role removing the Order→ update permission. This will prevent users from editing orders. It is important to assign the role to the user created.

V 3.2.8 (07-01-2020)

  • Fixed problem with occasional race condition between notification and redirect, that could lead to double order creation in rare cases.

V 3.2.7 (18-12-2019)

  • Fixed template error when accessing payment information from customer account.
  • Fixed bug concerning saving of mandate reference in direct debit.

V 3.2.6 (17-12-2019)

  • Fixed bug where template error was registered in backend every time notify was called.
  • Fixed bug regarding template error when returning to shop after payment error or cancellation.

V 3.2.5 (16-12-2019)

  • Fixed bug with server-to-server notification that was introduced in the previous release.

V 3.2.4 (07-12-2019)

  • Fixed problem with paydirekt, where amount and quantity of a cart were sometimes submitted as string which led to transaction failure.

V 3.2.3 (04-12-2019)

  • Fixed bug that could cause failure to create order for successful creditcard payment and display incomplete confirmation page to customer.

V 3.2.2 (25-09-2019)

  • Fixed bug that didn't generate the correct purpose field for giropay and direct debit.
  • Fixed some internal details for Community Store validation.

V 3.2.1 (13-09-2019)

  • Fixed bug that required all payment methods to be configured in backend even though not all were used by the merchant.

V 3.2.0 (12-09-2019)

  • The plugin structure was modified to be compatible with the new class structure used in the new versions > 5.3.
  • XML files were added for translations in the backend
  • Event subscribers were modified using the new self-registration method
  • Forms within the front end were removed for the required payments, now all use external forms for transactions.
  • Unnecessary events were removed to improve performance.
  • The installation and uninstallation routines were also adatped to the new specifications.
  • In general, plugin is now compatible with Shopware 5.6 and 5.6.1.

V 3.1.8 (08-05-2019)

  • Fixed bug in handling of Direct Debit transactions with wrong IBANs that could create a seemingly successful order in the backend even though the payment was not made (ch1842).
  • Removed internal form and JS widget for giropay and eps, which are now both always handled via the external form service (ch1783).

V 3.1.7 (18-04-2019)

  • Fixed problem in installation procedure of 3.1.6.

V 3.1.6 (17-04-2019)

  • There was a problem when completely uninstalling the plugin (including manual database table removal) and then reinstalling it, that prevented new orders from being saved. This has been fixed.
  • The plugin was not displaying a helpful error message when the settings for a payment method were not correct. An empty message space was displayed instead. This is now corrected.

V 3.1.5 (13-03-2019)

  • Shipping and invoice addresses were not displayed in Checkout after payment. This was fixed.

V 3.1.4 (11-03-2019)

  • Fixed issue with install routine when plugin had already been installed before (could cause payments to not work due to missing database column)

V 3.1.3 (05-03-2019)

  • Fixed compatibility issues with V. 5.5.7 of Shopware and the new Shopware Security Plugin with older versions
  • Improved handling of parallel notification and redirect
  • Improved install/update procedure
  • Plugin structure improvements

V 3.1.2 (04-01-2019)

  • Fixed bug that did not allow to modify order status in certain situations

V 3.1.1 (03-01-2019)

  • Incorrect states for automatic capture were modified (were payment states, needed to be order states). Existing configurations will be reset to „Order complete“.
  • Fixed bug when modifying an order from the backend.
  • Improved ExtJs handling (internal fix).

V 3.1.0 (07-12-2018)

  • Change in folder structure and classes for upcoming submission to Community Store. This unfortunately requires full uninstall of old version and reinstallation of module from the Community Store.
  • Added full language support for German and English.

V 3.0.3 (29-11-2018)

  • Reverted change for Community Store, was causing problems.

V 3.0.2 (27-11-2018)

  • Change in folder structure for upcoming submission to Community Store
  • #1023: Small fix in install and update routine to prevent problems with missing columns when updating from very old plugin versions.
  • #981, #1011: Fixed bug when user edits or saves a new order.

V 3.0.1 (08-11-2018)

  • Small fix in update routine to prevent problems when updating from very old plugin versions.

V 3.0.0 (22-10-2018)

  • Implemented support for payment method Maestro
  • giropay, eps and direct debit: Support for usage with form service, in case the built-in forms cause problems on the site.
  • Paydirekt: Support for digital carts
  • New logos for Visa/MC, direct debit and Sofort (Klarna)
  • Allow reservations and captures: reservation is now configurable in backend as default transaction type for credit card, direct debit and paydirekt. If reservation is configured, all payments are made with that type and the capture is then made when the order state is changed to the one configured.
  • Allow refunds: In order overview in the shop system, allow the merchant to initiate a refund.
  • Implemented multi-language support
  • Compatibility with Shopware 5.5

Legacy (Shopware 4-5.2, nur man. Installation)

V 2.7.3 (27-06-2019)

  • Fixes performance problem in Shopware 5.2 shops.
  • Replaced bank selection URL at with the one at

V 2.7.2 (18-06-2018)

  • Fixes problem with direct debit payments and external form service.

V 2.7.1 (02-03-2018)

  • Fixes problem in update process that didn't create fields for certain versions.

V 2.7.0 (16-02-2018)

  • Fixes bug in amount formatting when calculation yields multiple decimals (usually tax and/or dispatch costs related).

V 2.6.9 (05-12-2017)

  • Fixes bug in installation routine for shops older than 5.2
  • Disables mandateReference feature for these old shops
  • Fixes bug that prevented error messages from the payment server to be displayed in the correct language
  • Fixes bug in notification and redirect introduced in 2.6.8

V 2.6.8 (22-11-2017)

  • Fixed bug in update routine

V 2.6.7 (23-10-2017)

  • Update SDK to 2.1.16.
  • Added short functions for direct debit payment to capture mandate reference value, save in database and display in order backend.

V 2.6.6 (07-09-2017)

  • Fixed further imcompatibility problem with PayPal Plus on Shopware 4.
  • Show logo and description of payment method even before selecting method.

V 2.6.5 (18-07-2017)

  • Fixed imcompatibility with PayPal Plus.
  • Added short descriptions for all payment methods in confirmation page.
  • Update SDK to 2.1.13

V 2.6.4 (27-03-2017)

  • Little fix for direct debit not saving the order id in gc_user_pay_giroconnect_trx table

V 2.6.3 (22-03-2017)

  • Implemented new variable for Verwendungszweck that allows to show the TransactionID, which is now shorter and more user friendly.

V 2.6.2 (29-11-2016)

  • Changed $aReturn = [] to $aReturn = array() for PHP compatibility with older versions

V 2.6.1 (06-10-2016)

  • Date of payment now saved in the order table on successful payment.

V 2.6.0 (26-09-2016)

  • Added config options to use external Service form for direct debit, giropay and eps.
  • Fixed problem with uninstall method.
  • Fixed Zip File in order to install from backend.

V 2.5.9 (31-08-2016)

  • Fix for SDK Sofortuw

V 2.5.8 (19-07-2016)

  • Added support for one page checkout plugin.
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