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Oxid eShop: Versionshistorie / Change log

V 4.2.6 (09-01-2023)

  • Implemented support for new giropay.
  • Update iDEAL logo.

V 4.2.5 (29-06-2021)

  • Replaced Paydirekt name and logo with new one.
  • Fixed bug in direct debit handling.

V 4.2.4 (24-03-2021)

  • Added support for 3-D Secure 2.0. Address data is now sent to payment server for credit card payments, so it is not requested upon credit card data entry.
  • Made plugin compatible with new Oxid 6.2 shop version. Please bear in mind that the installation process for this version has changed and check the website for instructions.

V 4.2.3 (30-10-2020)

  • Fixed problem for shops with unsupported languages. Default is now English for those.
  • Possible fix for a problem where a payment failed with a timeout and a second attempt was not assigned to the order.

V 4.2.2 (12-07-2019)

  • For giropay and eps, removed the Javascript widget and the field for entering the BIC. All transactions will now be initialized without BIC so the external form service is used. Entering the BIC within the plugin is not supported anymore.

V 4.2.1 (22-01-2019)

  • Fixed problem with translations for older Oxid versions.

V 4.2.0 (13-12-2018)

  • Fixes bug related to Paydirekt where items with value 0 were not allowed in cart.

V 4.1.9 (18-05-2018)

  • Fixes compatibility issue with Oxid V. 6.

V 4.1.8 (12-01-2018)

  • Fix to internal order state after successful payment.
  • Added option to all payment methods so merchant can select whether to cancel or delete orders after aborted payments.
  • Optimized and corrected notification and redirect handling.

V 4.1.7 (04-05-2017)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Paydirekt from working when EPS was not active.

V 4.1.6 (14-03-2017)

  • Added SDK V 2.1.8
  • Fixed error in Purpose with full name of customer.
  • Changed customerId parameter from userid to usernr for Paydirekt requests to avoid error (userid was too long).

V 4.1.5 (06-03-2017)

  • Fixed error with confirmation email not being sent for direct debit.

V 4.1.4 (06-01-2017)

  • Added translations folder to application folder to avoid some translating problems in some clients (see #34026).

V 4.1.3 (09-12-2016)

  • Fix Directdebit validation.

V 4.1.2 (30-11-2016)

  • Fixed Setup process adding a missing line.

V 4.1.1 (31-08-2016)

  • Fix for files not commited correctly
  • Fix for SDK Sofortuw

V 4.1.0 (25-08-2016)

  • Updated directory structure and metadata file.
  • New giropay and eps widget.
  • Added Purpose config option for all methods.
  • Added Switch config option for Directdebit.
  • Added Logo config option for Credit card.
  • Deleted translations no longer necessary.
  • Improved error messages display.
  • improved frontend display for all payment methods for Mobile theme (now it shows logos and description).
  • Added Paydirekt and SOFORT Überweisung methods.
  • Improved payment validations.
  • Added new logos.
  • Changed all references of 'giroconnect' to 'girocheckout'.
  • Changed Notify and Redirect functions for all payment methods.
  • Order now button disabled when clicked (jquery).
  • Payment methods disabled when currency is euro and when girocockpit credentials not set.
  • Added giropay-id.
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