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JTL Shop: Versionshistorie / Change log


The plugin versions for JTL 5 are NOT compatible with older shop versions. So please, when using a JTL Shop 3 or 4, use the latest plugin of the version 3xx series. Also, older plugins do not work with JTL 5.

V. 405 (03-08-2023)

  • Updated internal SDK for connection to Girocheckout API for compatibility with some API changes.

V. 404 (06.07.2023)

  • Fixed bug that caused hash error in giropay payments.

V. 403 (28.12.2022)

  • Implement support for new giropay.
  • Changed the iDEAL logo.

V. 401 (13.09.2021)

  • Compatibility fix for PHP 7/8
  • Some text corrections

V. 400 (08.04.2021)

  • Compatibility with JTL 5
  • Added payment methods maestro and Bluecode.
  • Added support for 3-D Secure 2.0.

JTL 3 / 4

V. 319 (18-03-2021)

  • Added support for 3-D Secure 2.0. Address data is now sent to payment server for credit card payments, so it is not requested upon credit card data entry.

V. 318 (07-04-2020)

  • Prevented the possibility of duplicate payment registration for paydirekt, iDEAL and Sofort.

V. 317 (20-08-2019)

  • Fixed a bug of a missing file that led to a white screen during checkout.

V. 316 (14-08-2019)

  • Handle a special case where the redirect failed and took the customer to the checkout page again, even though the payment had been successful (ch1866).
  • For giropay and eps, removed the Javascript widget and the field for entering the BIC. All transactions will now be initialized without BIC so the external form service is used. Entering the bank data within the plugin is not supported anymore.

V. 315 (23.07.2019)

  • Improved handling of redirect and notify to prevent conflicts or problems with orders in case of one of them not being executed properly (ch1823).
  • Fix of fatal error in JTL Shop 3.20 (ch2102).

V. 314 (09-04-2019)

  • Fixed problem with double order creation in some special constellations.

V. 313 (03-01-2019)

  • Changed „Lastschrift“ to „SEPA Lastschrift“.
  • Replaced logos for direct debit, credit card and Sofort with current versions.

V. 312 (12-03-2018)

  • Bugfix: Error in Notification for large orders.

V. 311 (22-12-2017)

  • Fixed compatibility issue with V. 3.20 of JTLShop.

V. 3.1.0 (28-08-2017)

  • Fixed payment method names displayed after WAWI sync.

V. 3.0.9 (04-05-2017)

  • Add the giropay+giropayId payment method.

V. 3.0.8 (25-01-2017)

  • Fixed text and layout problem in version 320.

V. 3.0.7 (20-01-2017)

  • Fixed text and layout problem.
  • Fixed problem with duplicate orders and mails.

V. 3.0.6 (12-12-2016)

  • Fix problem with „Ist Bezahlt“ field when the Order syncronization with the WAWI program is made. This caused the order payment status to not reach the WAWI.

V. 3.0.5 (30-11-2016)

  • Modify all the payment templates, change the form class for correct display in mobile template. Remove ul and li tags.

V. 3.0.4 (24-11-2016)

  • Modify all the payment templates, change the form class for correct display in mobile template.

V. 3.0.3 (26-09-2016)

  • Adding a new hook HOOK_NOTIFY_HASHPARAMETER_DEFINITION: code 144 in notify and redirect sections. Create frontend/gc_handdle.php file to process redirect and notify pages.
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