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Gambio: Versionshistorie / Change log

V 5.0.1 (07-10-2022)

  • Change in purpose validation for new giropay

V 5.0.0 (11-08-2022)

  • Updated girocheckout SDK to version 2.3.7
  • In Paydirekt added support for digital carts
  • Updated the logos for some payment methods (mainly giropay and paydirekt)
  • Changed mentions of 'GiroSolution' to 'S-Public Services'
  • Added support for payment methods Maestro and Bluecode
  • Implemented support for new giropay

V 4.3.12 (21-01-2021)

  • Made plugin compatible with the versions 4.1 through 4.3 of the Gambio Shop.
  • Added support for 3-D Secure 2.0. Address data is now sent to payment server for credit card payments, so it is not requested upon credit card data entry.
  • Corrected initialization of order state configuration parameters.

V 4.3.11 (27-09-2019)

  • For giropay and eps, removed the Javascript widget and the field for entering the BIC. All transactions will now be initialized without BIC so the external form service is used. Entering the BIC within the plugin is not supported anymore.
  • For iDEAL and direct debit, removed the field(s) for entering the BIC and/or IBAN. All transactions will now be initialized without BIC/IBAN so the external form service is used. Entering the bank data within the plugin is not supported anymore.

V 4.3.10 (24-05-2017)

  • Fixed logo image path for newest GX3 compatibility.

V 4.3.9 (25-01-2017)

  • Adapted plugin to work with Trusted Shops module.

V 4.3.8 (14-12-2016)

  • Fixed notify and redirect files: Avoid double notification checking if order has already been processed.

V 4.3.7 (12-12-2016)

  • Fixed javascript (confirmation button disabling) for google chrome.

V 4.3.6 (06-12-2016)

  • Updated plugin for Gambio GX3:
  • Updated frontend fields display.
  • Updated SDK to V2.1.0.
  • Fixed javascript in order to disable confirmation button after clicking on it.
  • Added config option to use external form service.
  • Fixed notify and redirect php file.
  • Changes in directdebit payment_action method.
  • Fixed how to get the shop version for the source id param during requests.

V 4.3.5 (28-09-2016)

  • Improved redirect file.

V 4.3.4 (15-09-2016)

  • Fixed array definition, compatible with PHP 5.4 upwards only

V 4.3.3 (31-08-2016)

  • Fix for SDK Sofortuw

V 4.3.2 (20-07-2016)

  • Fixed calculation of shipping amount for paydirekt requests.
  • Múltiple submission of checkout form is now prevented.
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