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Drupal Ubercart: Versionshistorie / Change log

V 3.0.1 (23-10-2019)

  • Removed internal forms in checkout for giropay, eps, iDEAL and direct debit. Additional data is now always requested on payment server side. Also removed related configuration settings.

V 3.0.0 (14-06-2017)

  • Implement/check correct use of credit card logos, depending on selection in settings.
  • Integrate new payment method SofortÜberweisung and Paydirekt.
  • Implement Giropay + Giropay ID.
  • Added the option „Use external form service“ for payments directdebit, eps and giropay.
  • Minimize the girocheckoutwidget.js and style.css files.

V 2.1.2 (28-04-2017)

  • Added hook to load widget js files only on checkout page and only if giropay or eps is enabled.
  • Updated Widget javascript to v2.
  • Updated readme.txt

V 2.1.1 (14-03-2017)

  • Fixed bug that cut off decimals from amount
  • Corrected behaviour of HTTP response codes for notification
  • Applied current SDK 2.1.8
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