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Get transaction information

Through this API call we provide detailed transaction data for past transactions.


provided by: GiroCheckout
called by: merchant

Name Mandatory Type Description
merchantId yes Integer merchant ID
projectId yes integer project ID
reference yes String Unique GiroCheckout transaction ID. In case of transactions that were made through the Payment Page, please specify the reference that was returned during payment page initialization.
txreference optional String Unique GiroCheckout transaction ID, if you are requesting information on a Payment Page transaction and more than one transaction was carried out via this Payment Page. In this case, this parameter specifies exactly which of the transactions is being queried. In all other cases, please don't use this parameter.
hash yes String HMAC MD5 hash (see hash generation)


The reply includes a JSON encoded string. The field rc contains the response code. If it is 0 the request has been successfully processed.

Name Mandatory Type Description
rc yes Integer response code
msg yes String additional information about the response code
reference optional String unique GiroCheckout transaction ID
backendTxId optional String payment processor transaction id
amount optional Integer if a decimal currency is used, the amount is in the smallest unit of value, eg. Cent, Penny
currency optional Integer currency
resultPayment optional Integer payment result codes
resultAVS optional Integer result of the age verification (in case of a giropay-ID transaction)
obvName optional String Optional adjustable field, which includes the name of the person who has to be verified (in case of a giropay-ID transaction)
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