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Result codes payment

gcResultPayment/ resultPayment Description
4000 Transaction successful
4001 Bank offline
4002 Online banking account invalid
4500 Unknown payment result
Direct debit
4051 Invalid bank account
Credit card
4101 Issuing country invalid or unknown
4102 3D-Secure or MasterCard SecureCode authorization failed
4103 Validation date of card exceeded
4104 Invalid or unknown card type
4105 Limited-use card
4106 Invalid pseudo-cardnumber
4107 Card stolen, suspicious or marked to move in
4108 Telephone approval
4151 Invalid PayPal token
4152 Post-processing necessary at PayPal
4153 Change PayPal payment method
4154 PayPal-payment is not completed
4501 Timeout / no user input
4502 User aborted
4503 Duplicate transaction
4504 Uspicion of manipulation or payment method temporarily blocked
4505 Payment method blocked or rejected
4506 Invalid Blue Code barcode
4900 Transaction rejected

Age verification (giropay)

gcResultAVS or resultAVS fields

gcResultAVS Beschreibung
4020 Age verification successful
4021 Age verification not possible
4022 Age verification unsuccessful
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