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In order to be able to use this API, an affiliate ID as well as a password are required. You may obtain this information upon request directly from GiroSolution AG.

Test System

The API may only be tested over our test system. Tests are not allowed on the production system. Die Schnittstelle darf nur auf dem Testsystem getestet werden. Tests auf dem Produktivsystem sind nicht erlaubt. Activation for the production system will only be possible once there has been a successful acceptance test.
URL of the test system:
URL of the production system:


The API is based on an HTTPS POST request. All data is sent via POST to the specified URL and a JSON object is returned as a result. The request data is secured against tampering through a hash checksum.

hash calculation

All values of the parameters to the corresponding API function are concatenated in the order of their appearance in the documentation. An HMAC MD5 hash is generated on this character string, using the corresponding password.

PHP example:

// Concatenated string of all parameter values
$string = '250000info@mustermann.dedeMustermann GmbHMusterstraße 1212345MusterhausenDE8650MaxMustermannmax@mustermann.de50003201,11,7';
// Generate hash with example password
$hash = hash_hmac('MD5', $string, 'password');
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