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In order to test Bluecode e-commerce payments, you require a smart phone with an installed and activate Bluecode app.

Bluecode Sandbox-App (payer)

We recommend that you call the following URLs directly on your smart phone:



  • After installation of the Bluecode sandbox app, you must define a personal PIN for access to it.
  • Then, please click on "Bankkonto verbinden" (connect bank account) and enter "test" in the bank search field.
  • This will cause the display of an entry "Activate a test user". Click on it to add a test account.
  • Then please select the first entry "Hypo Tirol".
  • Next, a Bluecode is displayed for payment.
  • In order to scan a QR code with your phone, tap the QR icon in the top left corner of your app to activate the camera.
  • Once scanned, the payable amount is displayed on your phone. Confirm the payment by swiping as indicated on-screen.

Special not on iOS:
When first installing the sandbox app on iOS devices, it is necessary to establish trust for the business app "bluesource". Do this by going to "Settings > General > Profiles & Devices" and confirming that you trust this app. Only then the Bluecode app may be used on iOS.

No "real" payments are processed in the Bluecode sandbox app, they are only simulated!

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