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-In order to make tests with Blue Code, you need an accout ​on  ​You may register there and obtain ​access to the testing ​and stagig apps for smart phones.+In order to test Bluecode e-commerce payments, you require a smart phone with an installed and activate Bluecode app. 
 +==== Bluecode Sandbox-App (payer)====  
 +We recommend that you call the following URLs directly ​on your smart phone: 
 +iOS:​apps/​ee68d0307efa4e8e8a0adc88be7a379a \\ 
 +Android: https://​​apps/​487588ad522c41e8b22945a8eb5dc32b 
 +  * After installation of the Bluecode sandbox app, you must define a personal PIN for access to it. 
 +  * Then, please click on "​Bankkonto verbinden"​ (connect bank account) ​and enter "​test"​ in the bank search field. 
 +  * This will cause the display of an entry "​Activate a test user". Click on it to add a test account. 
 +  * Then please select the first entry "Hypo Tirol"​. 
 +  * Next, a Bluecode is displayed ​for payment. 
 +  * In order to scan a QR code with your phone, tap the QR icon in the top left corner of your app to activate the camera. 
 +  * Once scanned, the payable amount is displayed on your phone. Confirm the payment by swiping as indicated on-screen. 
 +**Special not on iOS:**\\ 
 +When first installing the sandbox app on iOS devices, it is necessary to establish trust for the business app "​bluesource"​. Do this by going to "​Settings > General > Profiles & Devices"​ and confirming that you trust this app.  Only then the Bluecode app may be used on iOS. 
 +**No "​real"​ payments are processed in the Bluecode sandbox app, they are only simulated!**
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